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Welcome to SIX MHA

Addiction & Mental Health Experts

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Addiction & Mental Health Experts

SIX MHA is dedicated to the support and promotion of mental wellbeing, by providing comprehensive addiction & mental health services for both businesses and individuals. With a huge team of experts we are committed to supporting you on your journey in recovery and to mental wellness. 

Founded by former Arsenal and England football captain Tony Adams MBE, SIX MHA has helped countless people of different backgrounds and histories, by calling on a variety of methods and disciplines.

Tony had the courage to deal with his addiction and mental health troubles at the height of his playing career, and in full glare of an unforgiving spotlight. Having successfully undertaken his recovery he started Sporting Chance Clinic to support those sportspeople like him, who needed the careful attentions of holistic addiction-related care. For over 25 years he has dedicated himself to giving back to the programme that saved his life.

SIX MHA is born off the back of Sporting Chance - to help even more people - those outside of the sporting world - who want to find their way to sobriety, strong mental health and robust well being.


Client Stories

"The service & support our people have received from the Six team, especially in these very difficult times, has been way above my high expectations. The letters/emails I have had from our colleagues who have reached out for support has been truly uplifting and humbling. This is one of the best support services we have ever put in place and is literally saving lives and having a massive impact where needed. Well done to the teams"

- Neil Lawrence Former COO Jewson

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Helpline - 07723 866 627

Helpline - 07480 726 082

Helpline - 07897 073 682

Helpline - 0800 880 7373

Helpline - 07360 531 632


Helpline - 07360 533 028

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